These vanillas exhibit true ‘down east’ value... premium quality at a local price... preferred by bakers, confectioners and grandmothers alike
— Mat Gagné, 4th generation vanilla purveyor

Mount Williams Original Vanilla Flavor

The Non-Alcoholic Standard since 1906


Perhaps you are new to Mount Williams Original Vanilla Flavor. Or maybe you are among the many who are reminded of Grandma’s kitchen and the sweet aromas Mount Williams Original Vanilla Flavor produced. Whatever your experience, our rich, full vanilla flavoring will inspire you to create your own culinary memories. Singular in its position as the only premium, vanilla flavoring, many who try Mount Williams Original Vanilla Flavor never again pay 3 times the price for pure vanilla extract.

A Maine cupboard staple since 1906, our Mount Williams Original Vanilla Flavor provides you with the full quality and flavor of vanilla extract to enhance your baking experience without added sweeteners, fruit juices, artificial vanilla flavor, or alcohol. Made from the essential, savory compounds of the vanilla orchid, Mount Williams Original Vanilla Flavor is alcohol-free, yielding a deeper flavor that will not “cook out” when baking. Our product adds a full, mellow taste to frostings, whipped toppings, and your many other creations. Add a capful to your coffee and enjoy something special.


Autumn Lane Pure Bourbon vanilla extract

Made from the finest Bourbon vanilla beans


From the Bourbon vanilla plantations of the Far East to the kitchens of the East Coast, Autumn Lane Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract brings a bright, warm essence to all of your baking needs. Unfiltered and inviting from its caramel-golden hue, those who demand the best see it and taste it in every quality ounce.

Our artisanal offering is extracted from premium vanilla beans using traditional methods for the discerning purist in search of the highest quality flavor. In 1906, company Founder, Harry Dolan, perfected the process of extracting the boldest and subtlest flavors from the Bourbon vanilla bean, named for the Bourbon monarchies of France who controlled the world’s finest vanilla-producing regions. He then rounded out his savory offering by aging it in bourbon barrels. The unique flavor of Autumn Lane Pure Bourbon Extract will thus enhance your custards, ice creams and other desserts. If it has to be pure vanilla extract, try it, and you will see an unparalleled flavor unmatched by its peers.


Jug-Full Concentrate

The Original Vanilla Flavor

Mount Williams Original Vanilla Flavor is also available in concentrate form. For decades, our Jug-Full Concentrate has been a popular and convenient item for commercial bakers, confectioners
and ice cream makers from the northern reaches of Maine to the Florida Coast.

When consistency matters, Jug-Full Concentrate delivers, as its flavor never wavers, and its pricing is more predictable than vanilla extract. Dolan Flavoring Company’s unique formula goes “beyond the bean” to source essential flavor compounds which ensure that every drop is a consistent unit of flavor.